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We stock a variety of Frozen Products (GB and imported).

Products detail
Frozen Items
Paneer 1kg x 7
Spinach cubed 1kg x 10
Mixed Vegetable
Classic Garden Vegetable (Peas, Carrots, Beans)
Mixed Vegetable –Hearty Farmhouse Garden Vegetable (Brocolli, Carrots,Cauliflower) 1kg
Summer Vegetable Medley 1kg
Shredded Coconut 400gms
Cassava 1kg x 12
Garlic 1 Kg
Garden Peas 1 Kg
Petite Pois 1 Kg
Sweetcorn 1 Kg
Mini Sweetcorn 1 Kg
Broad Beans 1 Kg
Cauliflower floret 1 Kg
Chopped Spinach 1 Kg
Green Beans 1 Kg
Green Beans – Fine 1 Kg
Carrots 1 Kg


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