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Welcome to the world of Authentic Groceries!

We supply fresh international fruits to our customer on a daily/weekly basis. We only supply Class A items which includes fresh . Centrally located in East London, our distribution centre has easy access to all wholesale fruit markets, supermarkets and pre-packers throughout the UK. All fruit received at our distribution centre undergo rigorous quality control by our team of specially trained staff to ensure the highest standards of quality.

Products detail
Products detail
Braeburn Apple Red Grapes
Bramley Apple
Apple Cox/Fuji Seedless Grapes
Gala Apple
Golden Apple Seedless Grapes white
Granny smith Apple
Avocados Guava
Banana/Green Bread Fruit
Kiwi Grapefruit
Longan - lychee Melon Galia
Mangoes Ripe Melon Water
Mangoes Honey - S
Mangoes Honey - L
Melon Yellow
Peaches Paw Paw -Ripe
Plums Pears
Pears William
Peppers Green Peppers Mixed
Peppers Red
Peppers Yellow Peppers Hot
Peppers White
Pomegranate Pineapple
Strawberry's Plantain Ripe
  Oranges -Large
Oranges -small


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