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Welcome to the world of Authentic Groceries!

We supply fresh international vegetables to our customer on a daily/weekly basis. We only supply Class A items which includes fresh coconuts. Centrally located in East London, our distribution centre has easy access to all wholesale fruit and vegetable markets, supermarkets and pre-packers throughout the UK. All vegetables received at our distribution centre undergo rigorous quality control by our team of specially trained staff to ensure the highest standards of quality.

Products detail
Products detail
Ash Plantain Aubergines - L
Aubergines - M
Aubergines - S
Aubergines - W/100
Beetroot-Pacts Beans-Bobby
Beetroot-With Leaf
Bens-Shoot Broccoli
Cabbage-Green Cassava
Carrot Cauliflower
Celery Chillies - Indian
Chillies - Ghana
Chillies - white Long
Chilies- Green Long
Chinese Leaves Choui Sum
Chow Chow Coconut
Coriander Courgettes
Cucumber Curry Leaf
Cucumber -Mini
Dasheen Bush Oates
Drumsticks Dudhi
Eddoes Garden Egg
Garlic Loose Dill
Garlic 250 gms
Garlic 450g
Garlic 900g
Ginger Jackfruit Seeds
Karala Green Kohlrabi with - Leaf
Karala White
Leeks Lemon
Lemon Grass Limes
Lettuce Cos Matoki
Lettuce lceberg
Lettuce Round
Little Gem
Mangoes Green Methi
Mint Mooli
Okra Mushroom
Onion Spring Onion India
Onion Red
Onion Spanish
Onion Sri Lanka
Onion 5Kg
Onion 1OKg
Onion 25Kg
Parsnips Parsley
Peanut Paw Paw-Green
Pak Choi Plantain Green
Pumpkin Grey Pumpkin loose
Pumpkin Butternut
Ravaya Potato Bakers
Potato Cyprus
Potato 2kg
Potato Baby / Jumbo
Potato Red
Potato White
Potato Red Mids
Potato White Mids
Sooran Spring Green
Spinach Sweet Tamarind
Sweet Potato Tinda
Thyme Tindoori
Tofu Turnips
Valor Tomato
Tomato Cherry
Tomato Green
Tomato Vine
Turia Yam - Brazil
Yam - Coco
Yam - Puna / White


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